9 Things Truckers Know To Be True

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By Joey Slaughter

  1. Getting that stomach pain and the nearest rest area or truck stop is 50 miles away.
  2. Your dispatcher says “I think they close at 5, but if you get there a little after they’ll probably unload you”.
  3. Whatever truck you pull behind in the fuel lane, that driver will go and get something to eat after he pays for fuel.
  4. You’re at the end of your day and have chosen a truck stop to rest for the night and there’s not a parking place in site.
  5. The rest area parking lots smell like ammonia for some reason. Wow, it must be clean!
  6. You park at the very back of the truck stop to have peace and quiet, then a loud reefer pulls up beside you.
  7. You know the Subway menu better than the employees do.
  8. Sometimes you forget what state you’re in.
  9. When you see a cheerful truck stop employee, you know they’re new.