Fall Trucking Safety

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By Henry Albert

Fall is upon us and it is the time of year when leaves change and show their beauty in full grandeur. It is a wonderful time of the year as the seasons change. The leaves transform into a bountiful array of beautiful colors followed by the leaves falling from the trees and painting the ground in autumn colors. It is one of the most breathtaking seasons of the year to travel and take in natures beauty.

But hold on! This season has its own unique hazards that accompany all of this beauty. The first thing to remember is that leaves upon the highway are slippery. Wet leaves on the highway are extremely slippery and can be like driving on ice.

Another area to watch out for is Halloween when there are lots of young children running around in small towns and cities. The costumes often obscure the children’s peripheral vision and the child’s focus is on getting candy not vehicles. Lots of crazy things can happen on “mischief night”.

The next area is something I dealt with on a regular basis as my normal route took me through the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. You may wonder what this hazard is? It is the leaf watcher! Yes, leaf watching season is soon upon us and it is time to keep an eye out for vehicles who are focused on taking in our planet’s beauty than staying in their lane. The leaf watcher is even more of a problem today than they were years ago because today their phone has a camera and video which I too often see being used while they are driving.

Be careful as we progress through the fall season. Remember to keep an eye out for wet leaves, trick-or-treaters, and the highly distracted leaf watcher.

As we enter into the fall season don’t slip and fall in the Fall.